Downing Students picks up top prize at Student Awards

Downing Students scooped the prestigious award of ‘Operator of the Year’ at Property Week’s Student Accommodation Awards.

The great and the good of the student accommodation market gathered at the Intercontinental Hotel in Greenwich, London on Tuesday 5th December as Property Week revealed the winners of the annual, highly coveted awards.

Downing was commended for its customer-first ethos and 89% satisfaction rating, with the judges highlighting these as beacons of exemplary operation.

Downing has implemented a number of forward-thinking initiatives to drive better customer experience.

Judges’ comments behind the decision to give the ‘Operator of the Year’ award to Downing, included: “A robust submission in every aspect – demonstrating excellence as a provider and providing clear evidence of their strategic approach and customer focus. A truly brilliant submission and the victory is well-deserved.”

“It is a great privilege that the whole team’s hard work has been acknowledged for this prize!

“Our team consistently makes business decisions in the best interest of our students, whether that is from an environmental, economic, health or social perspective, so it is great that this has been noticed by some of the student accommodation’s leading experts to recognise what we have achieved at Downing.

“It is a great way to round off what has been an excellent year, and we cannot wait to build on this success into 2024.”

Bay Downing

Investment Director at Downing

Downing Students wins 'Operator of the Year' award